Meet the big dick monsters of monstersofcock

Below you will find each one of the bangbros monsters. Each one of these glorified farm animals is packing a big cock like a horse does...hence the term 'glorified farm animal'. Every Tuesday you get to see these guys pull out their huge dongs and show it to a very very horny girl. If you have never seen a girl have multiple orgasms from a cock that fills every inch of her insides up, then you are in for a real treat. So without futher ado, meet the monsters...
Monster Doodles
The big muscular nerd with a big muscular penis, which is also a nerd.
Ha! What do you get when you mix one part math nerd, one part meathead and one part elephant? That's right, you get our boy Doodles. As you can see he is muscluar...he likes to go to the gym and lift some weights, AND as you can see he is a nerd who likes math. While Doodles isn't banging chicks with his oversized meatstick he is busy doing math proofs and playing chess with his only friend in the world...a computerized chess game. Why the powers that be decided this guy was worthy to put an elephants dick on him I haven't figured out yet but you see how that fucking thing hangs like a park animals? I don't understant this creature, this Doodles. But he fucked the living shit out of these girls and that is what matters I suppose. And I guess it doesn't matter that you are a math nerd when your flacid penis hangs 9 inches or more.
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